Saturday, October 03, 2009

playing catch-up

Today I was babysitting the two boys who live upstairs, Tysen (3) and Silas (1). I babysat them from about 2:30-whenever their parents get home (it's currently 9:30). The six hours they were awake was a really good chance for me to remind myself that I don't want to have children yet.

I love T&S, they are adorable, fun, mostly well-behaved and always entertaining. I had to go to the washroom and so I said to Tysen, watch your brother, I'm going to run downstairs and go the bathroom, to which he responded "but, but, we have a very nice bathroom, just over there". I laughed and explained I needed something from downstairs (no need to try to explain to anyone, let alone a male child, why a woman would need something from her own bathroom).

We went for a quick afternoon walk to the park once Silas woke up from his nap, unfortunately we could only be out for a short time since it's been raining and windy all day. Tysen asked me to go down the slide with him, and without thinking about the rain, I did and proceeded to have a wet butt the rest of our playtime at the park. Good thing I was so uncomfortable and we left soon, because we hadn't been back in the house for 5 minutes when the wind picked up and the rain came down.

Then we were stuck in the house for the rest of the afternoon and both boys wanted to play with what the other one was playing with, but only as long as the other one was playing with it. *rolls eyes* (sorry Mami/Papi, I know I was like that...yikes).

Then, somehow, I managed to screw up making frozen pizza...forgot to remove the cardboard and so the pizza dough was very dough-y. They still ate it, thankfully.

I was rocking Silas to sleep with a bottle and singing songs to Tysen, and thought "my poor children, I need to get some singing lessons!" haha.

Now their house is clean, so I'm going to tackle mine.


Also today, I had a breakfast date with my friend Shirley and her son Alexander (who is my "nephew") and then we did a bit of shopping. We try to go to the Market every Saturday morning to get our groceries and if we have time, we drop by Locke Street and go to our favourite store, Ten Thousand Villages. We were in TTV (it was their official grand opening, although they've had their Hamilton store open since July) and Alicia, one of the store managers commented that Alexander looks like me. Whoops! She's not the first to comment on that either, but it's just one of those awkward "actually, he's not mine" moments. I felt bad for both Shirley and Alicia and didn't really know what to say. What DO you say?? Anyhow, we had a good time and we both got a little something from the store.


My friend Cindy is leaving for Australia on Monday for a month. She is going to play in the World Masters for soccer and we're all incredibly proud of her! Tomorrow morning she'll come by before church and we'll hang out one last time before she leaves...for a month!


Our AEFA event was a HUGE success. I'm hoping to get a hold of pictures from my friend Laurie so I can dedicate a proper blog post to the event. Have I written yet that we raised $1400 for International Justice Mission?! It was AMAZING.


I have a couple friends, Jay and Michelle Brock, who founded an organization called Hope for the Sold and were given an incredible opportunity to film a documentary on the issue of human trafficking. Last weekend they were headed to Montreal to support MP Joy Smith's Bill C-268, a Private Member's bill which calls for a minimum sentence of 5 years for anyone who trafficks a person under the age of 18 (currently there is NO penalty for perpetrators found to be trafficking people in Canada). MP Smith's bill has received support from all parties except the Bloc, which BAFFLES people. Thankfully, their walk last week changed a few hearts and the bill passed with a landslide vote of 239 for and 46 against (I still have no idea WHAT THE HECK THOSE 46 ARE THINKING!?). The reason I write this is because Jay and Michelle are the ones that got me informed about the issue of human trafficking and are asking if I would help them with HFTS. This is just awesome.

I love grassroots organizations and organizations that make a difference.

As Michelle said in one video they had made, she didn't have a "thing", like save the whales, cure cancer and while those are worthwhile causes, she just didn't have a "thing", that was until she learned about human trafficking. She speaks what my heart feels. I am so thankful for people like Jay and Michelle, MP Joy Smith, my friends at Sanctuary who organized our event, International Justice Mission. People that care CAN make a difference. I've heard my whole life that I'm too optimistic, that the "real world" will wake me up one day. Can I just say, I AM awake and I WILL fight for what I believe and I will CONTINUE.


Finally, I have a few friends who I will be reading through the book of Proverbs with this month and I'm looking forward to that!


Guess I should go clean my apartment now...sigh.

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