Sunday, September 13, 2009


When you have a child, silence does not last long.

I was awake by myself at 7 this morning (or more accurately, by way of an alarm clock) after last night's event. Before 8 am the children are STOMPING. I can't wait until the boys (upstairs) are old enough to know they don't have to stomp everywhere they go. What age is that typically, anyways??

So already this morning I have the tablecloths washed and currently drying because they need to come with me to church this morning. I also need to somehow get the 6 easels to church. I think I'll have to call a taxi with a minivan and just absorb the cost, since DaveB says they need to be there for 9 am and I don't know anyone awake with a van that'll be able to take them there that early. Ah well, they worked out REALLY well.

I hope to post pictures (and more details) of how the event went later, but I need to quickly shower and get ready for church.

1 comment:

  1. It might be a long time before you won't hear stomping :)
    Did you go in a cab?