Tuesday, April 07, 2009

iParents.com VOTE

I realize that I should probably be shamelessly supporting my own nieces and nephew, but 1) I don't know if they have a picture on this website and 2) this kid is my adopted nephew, courtesy of my good friend Shirley:

So I'm asking you all to go to iparents.com (you may need to set up an account, but if you're on facebook the two are linked) and vote. Search for "Shirley Joldersma Martin" and this picture will pop up, then you click vote and voila! You can do it every day... we want Jeff & Shirley and little Alexander to win.

I mean really, how cute is this kid?!


  1. I've been voting for him and Ashton. Have you voted for Ashton? You should find him under my face book name.

  2. I've been voting for both! :)