Friday, December 19, 2008

Testing ~ updated

This a test blog to see if the privacy settings actually work. Can you (dear friends) see this? Please somebody, comment so I know if this works.

What I did was I invited people to read it-so unless you were invited you shouldn't be able to read this ... I'll see what testing I can do on my own.

Thanks friends, you are awesome :D

EDIT:  5 minutes (less) later... it seems to have worked.


  1. It works, dear Niki! Thanks.
    Cheers, Esthi

  2. I can read it. Thanks for the invitation Niki!

  3. I refuse to comment - I'm not going to play your sick little games. Mwa ha ha ha ha ho ho ho.
    I mean, it works.

  4. Hey Girl! We are here!

    You were on my mind all day friday... I hope all is ok. I missed you!!