Tuesday, December 09, 2008

in awe, in tears, in awe (again)

God is beyond good or great or amazing, He is inexplicably the most wonderful...I just can't put into words (hence the inexplicable-ness of it all).

A week ago I posted about a random pashmina showing up on my door. Awesome.  Totally something I wanted to get myself, but couldn't justify.

Then a couple days later a good friend dropped off a book I've been eyeing, all about cake decorating-and it's amazing, but again something I couldn't justify buying for myself.

Sunday morning, a friend gave me two Christmas ornaments to put on my very bare Christmas tree.

Sunday night a friend wrote me an encouragement note that spoke to me deeper than he probably realizes, or even meant.

Tonight I came home from small group to find a package that said "Merry Christmas Niki! *love COTR" (that's Church on the Rock). In the package is a beautiful grey housecoat with snowflakes-and a hood! AND a bath set, and a bunch of creams and other girly things. 

I don't NEED any of this, but it's just what I needed. Does that make sense? I've been on the verge of feeling lonely, but right when I was to fall into a pit of loneliness and emptiness, God would fill me up again. At just the right time, so that I knew it was from Him and by nothing that I have done.

God is inexplicably wonderful. That is, full of wonder. And amazement. And all manners of good things.


  1. That is how He works. I need to learn to lean on Him more and let
    Him take care of things I can't do anything about.

  2. well.. whatever you do.. don't mistake your girly creams for a packet of sauce and put it on your pizza. That taste stays with you for days!

    Got yourself a charlie-brown tree ehn?... hello dollar-store! (works in a pinch, I suppose) Worst case scenario, you drop 2 or 3 dollars on way too much of that silvery stringy stuff.. `fake icicles` or whatever.

    Good to see God's still taking care of you.

  3. Not to worry. Mom to the rescue. Some decorations are on the way.
    It almost sounds like the man is speaking from experience about the taste of those girly creams :)

  4. Actually, my tree is 7.5 feet tall and quite a beauty-the dollar store tree still stands proudly on my dresser though.