Wednesday, December 03, 2008

explain me this

This is the first time in a long time (other than when living in Switzerland), I've been making decent money... and as soon as my landlords cash my rent cheque, for the first time in my life I will be going into overdraft.

What the heck?

I need to just leave my debit alone and not be foolish. I've been treating it like my Visa (which I haven't unlocked since I thought I lost my wallet a month ago, in hopes of decreasing my spending).


Mind you, I AM paying off my student loan 50% faster than suggested. Well, at least I think it's 50% ... it's twice as fast, does that mean 50%? I don't like numbers. AND I'm not getting OSAP or scholarships AND I'm doing charitable things (like fondue parties) that cost money out of pocket. Oh yeah, and that scrapbooking stuff I bought...

One day I'll learn to budget properly and get my life in order. Until then, I have pizza.


  1. "until then, i have pizza"

    you are brilliant.
    and hilarious
    and lovely
    and i love you.

    have fun volunteering tomorrow (and if you feel in ANY way guilty about not bowling (which you shouldn't) remember that your SAVING! not SPENDING! there ya go.)

    go well.

  2. You live in North America, and the North American culture is one of spend what you got to get what you don't need, and then spend what you don't got to have the same stuff as everyone else, even though you don't need it. Entertain yourself always is the cultural creed. I hate it even as I get caught up in it.