Sunday, November 09, 2008

I came across this in my gmail news feed yesterday (changed the title, but the link is there):

I don't know about anyone else, but I have this worrisome thought that the gun sales aren't only soaring because of the Democrats' view on guns (they very much dislike them), call me cynical but knowing the kind of crazies the US produces (huge movement of the KKK, anyone?) I'm slightly concerned that more than just a couple of those semi-automatic rifles that were selling out the day after the election will be used by crazy racial bastards to try and oust their first African-American president.

I obviously think this is nuts and pray that since God placed Obama in leadership, that God will do his work through him and there are far too many crazies who are not willing to see such a huge change in a country that some 40-odd years ago prohibited men and women of colour from voting.

These are big changes to America and we need to pray for them. We should all be spending time, daily, praying for our leaders-and while Obama is not leading my country, it's a historic moment in time and we should be praying for our global leaders as well, particularly in this time of economic uncertainty.


  1. the manager where i work is conviced that Obama will be assassinated while he is in office...sadly, it would not surprise me either.

  2. Frankly, I'm more worried about Obama and his obvious bad judgment in who he associates with and and looks to as mentors. More likely people rushed out to buy guns because they expect the government to clamp down and try to take away what many Americans see as their fundamental rights. As Christians we need to pray for our leaders, that's true. Pray that Obama will change his stance on abortion, on unborn and life births from abortion. He supports abortions all the way and also voted against a motion to care for babies that are born alive, after an abortion, instead medical personal has to leave them to die.
    Many people that didn't vote for him had some good reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with his skin colour. Sure there are racists, they are in every race, but not every Obama opponent is a racist.
    I hope he'll prove me wrong and do the right things.

  3. Mami,

    I realize this. Obama was not my choice either, for many reasons you listed above, and more. But I'm just saying that these are historical times we're living in. Let's not make them tragically historic, that's all.

  4. OK, I thought you'd gone bleedin liberal! Whew.

  5. .... Might want to re-read the article.
    It focused on ASSAULT RIFLES... not guns in general.
    Look at the fervor of the Wii.
    When something is going to be limited, or basically brought off the market, people flock to acquire them.
    Even Seinfeld did a mock-up on this phenomenon with Julia Louise-dreyfuss' character buying up the sponge(contraceptive) in scores because they were no longer being produced.

    Not that it would matter.. an AR-15 does the same thing an H&K MP5 does.. which does the same thing a Desert Eagle XIX will do, which does what a Walther PPK will do, which does what a Remington .357 revolver does, which is what a Single-action Army Colt will do.
    (that's assault rifle, to pistol, to revolver)
    And they all do what a bow&arrow did 300 years ago. Only faster.

    `crazy racial bastards`
    Wow.. way to label them!
    Especially considering that EVERYONE is racist to a certain degree.

    Pants might be right, Obama may be assassinated.. maybe.. maybe not. Given the general security measures, and various threats that have already surfaced...*shrug* Going to have to wait and see what happens.

    Either way, it won't matter. History has already been made : America voted a `minority` in. 100 years ago the only folks who could vote where white men. It was what.. 1940s? That (white)women could vote? And only 20 years after that that segregations was considered abolished.
    A lot of changes in a very short time. Change is upheaval.

    I would disagree that God put Obama there.. I tend to think that God is letting America have the leaders they want. *shrug*

  6. I agree with 'the man' :) every race has racists and I guess everyone is to a certain degree. Although I don't think it has anything to do with skin colour, it's more the behaviour that rubs people the wrong way, then, if one individual ticks someone off, we often lump them all together. There are jokes about certain characteristics on every country and there's some truth to the labels, after all, you learn from what you see around you when growing up.
    Often it's probably a misunderstanding, if someone's reserved, people might think they're snobs, if people are friendly and curious you might take it as nosy and invasive. People that are frugal are seen as cheap. In some countries, people stand very close while talking, some greet with a hug and kiss, while in other countries touching is bad manners..... it really comes down to needing to show respect and seeing oneself as a servant rather than being selfish, just as Jesus taught. Love conquers all.
    All we can do is our (imperfect) bit to try and make the world a better place.
    Blaming only whites for slavery and racism is really very blind. In Africa and the East and middle east, slavery is still very much happening and so is 'racism'. Tribe against tribe, religious sects against other sects..... when the slave trade was going on in the west, it was usually one African tribe that captured and sold people of another tribe to the white slave traders.
    Could write a book. :)
    Gotta go to work!