Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time for a (photo) update

Last weekend some friends and I went to Mississauga for lunch and the leaves were so beautiful I suggested we go for a walk and take pictures ... we didn't get many of the leaves, but we got a lot (536) of us.

Here's a few LOT:

They're mostly in reverse order and I'm too lazy to sort through all the HTML and get them the way I want... so enjoy our day, in reverse!

I apparently missed the memo on wearing light jeans and a dark top ... oops. At least I got sunglasses, even if my hair is up.

I'm climbing a tree. What you don't know is how far (close) from (to) the ground this is!

This is what we do to guys. And sometimes we wonder why we're still single. Hmmm...

Three's company, especially when you're not roommates. *love*

BFF, and they're cute to boot.

These ones I worked at putting in sequential order, only because they're SO funny ...
Boy spots girl.

Girl is concerned. Boy is interested.

She's unsure, but he doesn't look TOO creepy... (story of my life! *rolls eyes*)

just mayyyybe.

aww. He has a cute smile.

"hey, where'd the girl go??"

LA looked like a model for fall clothes with this background...they're are many such shots of her like this. Here is one.

In the beginning, God created... a crazy? We love you, Meggs!

LA had just fallen off the tree and while Meggs and I laugh shamelessly, Kyle the nurse looks on in deep concern, but not quite enough to get him off the log to help.

The beginning of the insane amount of pictures (only a portion of which you just looked at, unless of course you're looking from the bottom up, in which case-enjoy!).

Someone got mad at the waiter and took it out on his poor burger. Poor bacon cheeseburger.

Love all around. Kyle's wondering if LA will scream like I did?

We were hungry, I bit into a knife, but noooo, Dave turns cannibalistic. Jeesh, some friends eh?

Here's the four of us with Meggs hiding behind the camera (not for long though).



  1. Looks like you all had tons of fun! Dave didn't come along for the adventure walk? Kyle's brave. :)

  2. Oh, duh :P , not thinking much :)