Friday, August 29, 2008

sick on a long weekend, thanks ever so much

I was going to write a long and wonderfully thought-out blog on my opinions of McCain and Obama, but either my head is fuzzy or I just don't know where I actually stand. Well, I'm not an american citizen, so I don't have a say in the vote anyway.

I'm sick. Really sick. I think it's brought on by a multitude of factors, 1) I don't get enough sleep; 2) my co-worker came in sick; and 3) I'm under a huge amount of stress at work right now. Today was the last day for LRS, before her holidays and so I'll be doing her work, as well as mine. Which normally wouldn't be a problem because we'd have AW to do my job at reception, only he's going back to school and so I get to do both jobs (with the exception of Tues&Wed full day and Friday afternoon next week, and two afternoons the following week when AW can cover Reception). LRS is a self-admitted 'drama queen' and I'm fully aware that I am a people pleaser. Not a good combination ... her 'drama' spills out into how she trains me to do her work, and my 'people pleasing'  becomes a huge burden as I try to ensure EVERYone is satisfied with the work I do. This morning I had 4 or 5 people come to me with 'rush jobs', in addition to my regular work and in between LRS kept trying to explain how to send out a proposal (it's basically her responsibility to get us a job by painting a good picture of the company), because I have one going out on Tuesday. My head started throbbing and I was so nauseated because she was trying to teach me something when I was already completely stressed out, and now it's the last couple hours before she leaves for holiday and I HAVE NO FREAKIN' CLUE WHAT I'M DOING.

That, and I ate a banana for breakfast at 7:30 and didn't eat my lunch until 2:30 pm, which was only a small sub from Mr. Sub (a step up from the meal replacement drink I was going to have). What a day.

In other news, yesterday was Dan's birthday and he quite liked his present (a poker set) and a small group of us enjoyed a dinner at Tucker's Marketplace. Found out that my new friend Shirley is not only my good friend Lauren's cousin, but that she was Charles' prom date, 8 years ago. Weird, seriously weird. We discovered so many of those 'small world' coincidences that her and I seem to share; we both even prefer dark meat to white when it comes to chicken. It was also a great time because I got to hold baby Alexander, a lot! He's so cute. That, and Dan bought me flowers ... his birthday, but I got flowers. Go figure. They're gorgeous though.

What else has been going on? I need to do my tellering schedule before Sunday, still haven't scheduled a teller meeting; need to talk to mentor leaders; my best friend is getting married in exactly four weeks, tomorrow; we gain possession of the new house in 4 weeks today ... 

I'm so glad I'm home sick right now. I'm so sick and tired of 'go-go-go' and yet it seems to be the only way I'm capable of functioning.

I'm going to go eat something else ... at 10 pm. I've been trying to sleep for 4 hours and it hasn't worked yet.

Oh yeah, I need to feel better by tomorrow so I can volunteer at the Mustard Festival, MUSTart booth. *sigh* ... (I know I'm crazy).


  1. Rest, take care of yourself, do not volunteer if you're still sick!!!!!!! this is your mother speaking and you must do what she says. :) God knew you needed a rest before the move and the wedding.
    Thanks for your prayers and know that we're praying for you too. XO

  2. I hope you're feeling better, I got sick too, got a sinus infection, boy that hurts! Now I'm on an antibiotic that makes my mouth taste gross, but I don't hurt anymore.
    I hope as well, that things are going well at work. XO