Sunday, August 10, 2008


I already knew this, but God totally answers prayers! When many around me were fretting on my behalf as to where I was going to move now that the house had sold, I stayed calm and said I knew God would provide. I casually looked at a couple apartments online, talked to some friends and kept my options open. I didn't make any quick decisions or get angry at my landlords, because they said that they would like me to move with them-I sure wasn't going to burn any bridges.

Besides, I knew that if God had brought me to the one place in the country I swore I'd never be, almost 3 years ago, and if he wanted me to stay put, I knew he would provide.

Oh and provide he did!!! Yesterday morning my landlords told me about a house they were looking at, and would I be interested in moving there? They asked because they had to move quick, after some facts about the place I was immediately on board and within 4 hours they had bought the house (beating out another couple, phew!).

You may wonder why I'm so excited ... 
  • The house is a raised rancher, which means my windows are not only larger, but the basement is higher so I get more sunlight!
  • Instead of a shower, my bathroom has a jacuzzi bathtub! 
  • What will become my living room (advertised as a rec room), has a fireplace!
(do you understand why I'm getting excited??)
  • I live closer to many friends, although further away from two families (still on a bus route though)
  • My amazing pastor and his wife and beautiful daughter live around the corner
  • Around the other corner has another family that are amazing and very supportive
  • I have laundry facilities
  • Finally, I'm still on a bus route for work-and now I'll probably always get a seat on the bus!
Seriously, there was no need to fret and now I'm incredibly stoked. :) We move at the end of September into this gorgeous, God-given home.


  1. Sounds pretty sweet. I guess that is the apartment I'll see if I ever get out there to visit (which is my eventual plan...)

  2. Woohoo, jacuzzi tub, I'll be visiting! I always wanted one.

  3. yayyyyyyyyy Niki!
    That's so exciting!
    I'm so glad for you!!!