Friday, June 27, 2008


I've been on the computer for far too long today, and it's a Friday night. Such a procrastinator. You see, by staring at my computer I can't see the dishes in the sink, or the suitcases needing unpacking in my bedroom, or even the papers to be shredded on the chair behind me. Hold that thought...

Shredding is done. (boy was that loud)

So I've been reading a book called "Designed for Success"... a book I got as a grad gift for women in the workplace. It's a good book, and it has me thinking. One of the chapters addresses the notion of Emotional Intelligence (EI), and your challenged to think of a woman in your life that exemplifies EI. ...but first, a side note:

I've been reading through Proverbs and there are a LOT of verses about humility. Completely at random the other night, I wrote down a verse about just that: "do not exalt yourself ... do not claim a place among great people".

So I've noticed lately that when I'm reading a book, or hear something in a sermon or even conversation, and I'm challenged to think of a person who exemplifies this or that (be it EI or Godly character, compassionate, good leader, etc.) I've felt... (note: I'm being really vulnerable here, please don't be hard on me) that I was that person. How obnoxious. For someone who claims to have low self-esteem, I sure place myself in high esteem when it comes to ranking godliness or professionalism.

I don't really know what this means, except that I think I'm being humbled.

Also, I should note that I DID think of one woman in particular who more than exemplifies EI, and I know there are many others who I have been blessed to be surrounded with.

I've been feeling lately that I'm being prepared for something, although I have no idea what. I'm being challenged at work by rising above the cattiness and gossip that follows women around like a great big thundercloud; at church by feeling overwhelmed; in my personal life in MANY areas; in my devotional life. Part of me really wants to know what is around the bend, but the other part of me is way. too. scared. Big time scared. And as per usual, I think of all the options: my company is going under and I need to find a new job; there will be a tragedy in the family; the world is ending; or, I'm being prepared for that special someone.

Although more and more, I don't feel as though that 'special someone' is as important as it was in the past. Which gets me to thinking that that may be why I'm being prepared for this-finally give it up, now I get it. No idea.


I went to my first Dragonboat practice last night. It was SO much fun! I'll have to post pictures, once they're posted on the website. Until then, here's one from last year:

Our team is in the middle. This was on race day last July at Bayfront Park. So much fun! This year's race, same place, will be next Saturday (July 6). :)

Okay, so that picture isn't that great...try another:
Or not, Blogger has decided I've posted enough (I posted the 5 below already, thankfully).

Now that I can load pictures...My holiday in 5 pictures (more to come, don't fret)

My cute little nephew! Doesn't he have a cute smile? Wish he'd show it more!

3 of 4 generations of our family still alive ... wish Papa was in this picture.

Me being a very proud and happy aunt. Can you tell?

12 years ago I met these great girls... this year they graduated and fulfilling a promise I made many years ago, I had the privilege of being there as they walked across the stage to receive their numerous awards & diplomas. I can't imagine how it must feel if it's your own kid, because I was pretty proud!

And a beautiful shot of the Rocky Mountains on our flight to Hamilton.


  1. You're doing great! You wouldn't be normal if you weren't somewhat anxious about what's in the future. I don't think about it that much, each day has enough worries :) You can trust God to be at your side, no matter what's going to happen.
    Recognizing one's strengths isn't conceited, being humble isn't putting yourself down, it's realizing when you're good at something, but not feeling superior because of it and giving God thanks for the gift.
    Nice pics!

  2. These are some beautiful pictures!