Wednesday, June 11, 2008

teaching Mami

Hey guys,

I'm showing mom how to upload photos...she just found the icon as I was typing this entry. Ta-da, she figured it out without me explaining it. Good one, mom!

She meant links... and I get to put my schooling to use! :) Here is a link to our friend Hillary's blog. She's a great writer and so we figured she deserves a shout-out as I teach mom how to do more 'computery' things (yes, computery is not a word...but we're learning computers, not English).

Tonight we went to an Alliance Women's wrap up dinner-dealy-o at the church. Chicken dinner and many much salads and desserts. And SO many people... Janet (the club president aka the Queen) took me around from table to table and introduced me to new people, it's great to see how the group has grown. In my Alliance History & Thought class I had to write a report on the history of our church, and the one ministry that has been a pillar in our church is the Alliance Women-an amazing group of ladies that love and support those within the church walls and those on mission fields around the world. Tonight our speaker was Becky Priebe whose husband is responsible for the missionaries that our area of churches supports, including the Shareski's in Germany and the Orr's in Poland. It was a good night! Then, after all was done I thought 'hey, Janet didn't even get me to go up and talk!' ... that was short lived. I went up after the speaker and talked to the amazing group of women that have supported me over the years to tell what God has been doing in my own life. As usual, I thought about witty comments AFTER I sat down... meh, it went well. :)

Oh yeah, earlier today my friend Lottie and I went out to the park with her two boys while her 'not-so-little' girl was at art class. Her poor son was swinging on a large tire swing with his big brother precariously over a mud puddle... he fell, we laughed, he cried, then he got over it and had fun showing off to dad (who showed up with coffees and tea!) the 'super big slide!'. I'm going to their house tomorrow for a youth event, yay!!

Finally, can you please pray as some big stuff has been happening in my family and it's been a heck of an emotional day. In short, my brother has moved out and blamed it on me. I'm not really taking it personally, but my heart breaks for both of my parents and I would covet your prayers, as would our whole family. There is a great need of healing and restoration in our family.

Thanks for reading guys...and don't forget to leave a comment!! :)


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  1. The Orr's in Poland? Are you serious? Their son Ben was in my dorm this year here in Germany! That is just crazy.
    I'm sorry things are so tough with your brother right now. I pray things get better soon, somehow.