Monday, April 14, 2008

nostalgic : old pics

three of my favourite camp girls (hardly girls anymore, Bek got married last December!)

Nova & Chiclet...goose gals forever. This girl is one of the reasons I'll be in BC June 3-16!
"same, same"!! Our grade 7 sleepover for the youth girls, I miss those days!
This one is titled "Ridge friends"...this pic was taken before the major overhaul in Dogwood Lodge at camp.
My last youth event at MRAC. Those girls pretending to be cheerleaders were my girls, and Chantelle too!
We were the 'german' club. Christoph and Regina were from Germany, I pretended to speak German (sometimes successfully), and Celeste thought we were cool. haha! These were some of my favourite camp people-and sneaking into the kitchen late at night for food were some of my favourite memories.
I think this was an athlete dress up night. All the way from Europe to Camp Kawkawa, here is Martina Hingis & Steffi Graf!
...oh camp dress up nights. These were the 80's (as seen through the eyes of youth born between 82 and 88).
Christoph and I had a grape eating contest in the woods after church one Sunday-there are 22 grapes in my mouth, I think Christoph had some ridiculous number like 34.
Aww, sleepovers are so much fun!! Especially when your youth can stay up later than you and put on a video you said wasn't allowed. Such rebels.

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  1. I guess these days everyone is too busy to leave comments, so faithful old ma will have to do :)
    Good pics, good memories!