Saturday, April 12, 2008

the last 24...

I can't even count how many tears I have cried in the last 24 hours. 

Yesterday I had another horrible day at placement and cried at the base of the photocopier, wiped my tears, and continued to cry in the bathroom. It was just a bad afternoon, I was ready to call it quits-even though I only have 5 days left, I pray they'll be a good 5 days.

Last night I nearly cried from laughing so hard, so that was good. I had a fun night with Laur2, babysitting Laurie's nieces and nephews. Although the boys were in bed by the time Lauren and I got there. Once the oldest girl went to bed, Lauren and I exploited the youngest one by taking pictures of her in photo booth-SO funny. If you haven't used photo booth, it's a great application that comes with Mac computers and you can make a bunch of silly pictures like this one...or this one...

Anyways, it was really funny.

Then today I cried a bunch more because I've been watching a series my friend Brandy lent me, called Into The I've finished two episodes (of six) and it is SO sad. It's about the Americans discovering the West, the natives and their fight for their land, the exploitation of the natives, the senseless killing of the whites, and war. It's so heart breaking-I'm really hoping that the rest talk about restoration and healing. Brandy says it's a great series, and I can't imagine her recommending something that isn't good.

So yes, many tears.

Today I'm feeling good though. Had a good bible study with Ang & Ash at my house earlier, and now I have dishes to do and ELC stuff to prep before going to the 'niagara region' to hang out at someone's house.

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  1. BIG hug!!! I sure hope next week will go well and go by fast!
    :) Your dad suggests with the filing, just throw everything out. After all, they have "faith" in you, so that gives you card blanc to do whatever you feel is best; since it's such a disaster..... :) I got a good laugh at that. It's good that you also cried from laughing, laughter is good medicine. :) XO