Monday, January 21, 2008

pile of homework=blogging time

I'll try and keep this short, both so those of you reading it enjoy it, and because I'm supposed to be doing homework (again!).

Today I decided to try aerobics. Next Monday I will do the same-but not after a very painful day tomorrow. This is part of my healthy living-and it's not a new years resolution. Since the end of November I haven't bought a bus pass and while I used bus tickets for part of December, I have made a real effort to walk everywhere. School/work is 30 minutes away and church is 45 minutes away. It's REALLy cold outside. Today I wore three pairs of pants, 4 shirts, wool socks, and my winter coat. Tomorrow I'll need a balaclava (ski mask) to keep my face from freezing.

Tomorrow though I won't be going to classes. I have to go to the hospital to have some tests done. Please, if you think about me, pray for clarity for the doctors and a quick recovery of whatever it is that's hurting me. I've been having intense abdominal pain these last couple months, although the symptoms have been rather sporadic since 2003. I didn't think much of it in the past because it often happened after working out, so I attributed it to a low tolerance for fitness. Recently though it's been after eating, in the morning before eating, sitting down, at home it happened once so severely it woke me from my sleep. So yes, please pray about if you could. :)

I just realized if I'm going back to BC in June for graduations and such, I need to buy a ticket. But first, I will tackle some of my homework.

Niki :)

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  1. I'm glad you're finally getting it checked. Hope you're feeling OK!?