Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We're supposed to get our grades at some point this week and I must've checked at least 20 times today. I know some people in other programs who have gotten their grades-and so I keep thinking "maybe now?" No luck. I'm going to be pretty busy the next couple days, but I'm sure I'll still find time to check. I did run into my accounting teacher today and she said that I did "VERY well", so that made my afternoon!

Today was my last day at work, until January. Which reminds me, I haven't yet set my hours with Rita :S oops! I was supposed to do that already. I may be getting hours as a computerized notetaker, and since that pays WAY more I'd prefer to work my hours around the student's schedule instead of trying to work it around my (very flexible) work schedule. As I was getting ready to leave, Rita made a big fuss about me leaving-I have no idea how she's going to react when I leave in April, for good. Even when I left at the end of the summer for 3 days, she made it seem as though me leaving was detrimental to the program! I'm sure she does it so that I know that I'm appreciated, because she is entirely capable without me. Before I came along, there wasn't anybody in my position, it was created to suit me-bit of a confidence booster :)

Tomorrow I have so much going on!! Lunch with Mrs. LeaKer at 12. Which means I have to go out in the morning to get her Christmas present. I have an idea of what I want, I just need to fix my printer and pick up something from the jewellery store up the street in order to do it-so it's an early start! Then I'm supposedly hanging out with my friend Kyle, but I haven't heard hopefully he'll call me to confirm. THEN, for dinner I'm going to the Young's. Hopefully I'll do some laundry-because I'm down to about 2 days worth of necessities...eek! *blush* So, busy day.

Today I did most of the work on the cookies for Sunday's service. I iced a bunch of sugar cookies in the shapes of Christmas trees, angels, snowflakes, candy canes, snowmen, bells and candles! It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work. Before Sunday I need to ice the cinnamon star cookies-but those just need a simple coat of white icing, nothing fancy.

Also need to get mom and dad's Christmas present sent!! Gah! I'm excited to send off their gift, I just wish I could see their faces when they open it :) Miss you guys!!

I need to send off some Christmas cards to people back home, need to dig up some addresses for that. Mom, could you please send me Peter & Hazel's address and Uncle Jimmy & Dianne's too? (one 'n' or two for her?) Sorry that they're going out late folks, it's been a busy few weeks!

I need to also put the finishing touches on my 'fireplace'. I'll post pictures when I'm done. *grin*

Love you all!!!

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  1. Been too busy to be on the 'puter', I can't wait to open the present :)
    Why are you leaving in April for good?
    Sooo tired. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz