Saturday, November 10, 2007


I got an e-mail yesterday and guess what? Because I'm a scholarship recipient, the president wants to have lunch with me!! So on November 28 in the President's Board Room with the Senior Leadership team and six other recipients, I will be eating lunch with the college president. A little nervous because what if they ask us serious questions? Am I ready for this? Eek!!! I need to start prepping. So excited though!


  1. Hey Niki! Congrats :)

    Don't stress about it though hun, really... If it's anything like the lunch a few of us had with the Tyndale president, he'll do a short "speech" on how great you guys are and then you'll all just hang out and eat some quality free food. We all had the opportunity to talk with the president, but it wasn't like a formal "ok, here are your five minutes to impress me" it was more like him walking around - asked what you're studying, why, what do you like about it - same questions that you generally ask someone you meet at college/university.

  2. There you go, good advise and encouragement from Shannon! Sweeeeeet! :)
    Sometimes I feel like a teenager when I use words like that, old or new words, I absorb them into my vocabulary. Always learning.
    Have I told you how proud we are of you?
    Love XOXOXO

  3. you have no one to blame but yourself, being all smart and all that. silly girl.