Monday, October 22, 2007

Hamilton, I'm home!

I'm back, at home and wasn't ever left at the side of the highway. Thanks for putting up with me Dave!

On Saturday morning we left at 5am for our one day road trip to New York City! It was AWESOME! Poor Dave had to do all the driving and we got to New York City in the early afternoon. After FINALLY finding a place to park (psychotic NY drivers), we walked to the box office to pick up Dave's ticket, and hopefully buy a second one, because he was told that's where we had to go. But it wasn't. So, we went back to where we parked the car, I quickly got changed (I had been hemming my pants on the ride down, otherwise I would've worn my outfit to NYC), and then we headed in the opposite direction to the theatre.
The show was in "Theatre at St. Clement's", which is in a church, who's byline on their programs states "In the Heart of Hell's Kitchen", kind of ironic seeing as we wanted to see Screwtape Letters, which is a play set in hell. So, we got in, Dave got his ticket and then asked if there might be a second ticket available...and there was! After some backstage finagling (totally not the right word, b/c "to finagle" means to use deceitful methods, which we didn't-I just like the word) ;), we returned his ticket and bought two new ones, and got to sit together!
The play was AWESOME! We sat next to a priest and he showed us a map of NYC, which they apparently don't make to scale. Sillies. We decided we didn't have enough time to see the sights, so we planned to go again. Oh right, then we watched the play-because we were talking before the show, obviously. The stage set up was very simple, but SO well done! In the first scene there was a podium, from which Screwtape addressed the graduates of Tempest's College. The remainder of the play was set in Screwtape's Study which had an armchair, a footstool, a side table, and a few stools. The back of the stage had a staircase that was built kind of windey, but back and forth only-it went straight up and down, but left to right...if that makes sense. At the top of the stairs was a vault and it was where the letters to Wormtail and to Screwtape were placed. The cast was two people, Screwtape (played by Max Mclean) and Toadpipe (sorry, I can't remember her name). In essence the play was less of a play, and more of a monologue, by Screwtape. It was SO well done. If you're not familiar with it-go read Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, and then drive to NYC to see it in theatre. It was THAT good!
After the play, Dave and I wandered around NY, looking for a place to eat. We finally decided to eat at a little Tavern/Restaurant. It took us a long time to decided because every place that Dave picked looked either way out of budget or too sketchy, I'm sure they were fine though-but where we ate was delicious, and Dave got to have his New York steak. :)
Then we drove home...but not before nearly running over a group of pedestrians and me watching as Dave transformed into a real New York driver...he went nuts!! But he got us out alive, and that's what matters. One of my favourite things was as we were driving across the George Washington bridge (by the way, NYC is an island, and we got to it by going through a tunnel-under the ocean!!!) on the way home, I was taking pictures and one car drove by and the driver waved and smiled for the camera, so funny! Poor Dave had to drive all the way home. We almost got stuck in Scranton, NY, because we forgot to get gas in NYC and we ran on empty for quite a while-and there were absolutely no gas stations. Two nice women at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere helped us out and directed us to the nearest gas station. Thankfully, otherwise we may have been at the side of the highway until the next day, and it was cold! We finally got back into Hamilton around 4:30 and I was dropped off at 4:44 and in bed by 4:46 and probably asleep the next minute. Dave stayed the time he finally went to bed he'd been awake for 35 hours, eek.


And now I'm home. By the way...thanks for waiting for the news, and thanks again to Dave to updating everyone via comments, while I recovered from the weekend and spent the week writing midterms.

This weekend I have plans to run errands. Yesterday after school/work I picked up toys for Operation Christmas Child, our class is going to have a 'packing party' on Monday and make shoeboxes for children elsewhere. Really looking forward to doing that! I also want to get some pants hemmed, as well as make some apple sauce so I can finally have my counter space back...

I've been having fun...

My friend Gen (who's getting married in Summer 09-and I'm in the wedding party!!) and her fiance, Brad are possibly going to see her pony today, and so I might go with them. It's been awhile since we've hung out, just because we're no longer in the same program, I branched to Executive Admin and she went to Legal, and she switched jobs too. *sad face* The weather is kind of rotten today, so we may not go, but it'd be nice to see her, outside of school. :)
Also, Laura and I went to Kristen's for breakfast this morning, and we're going to try to make it a monthly occurence. Originally we wanted to do it every weekend-but we're all so busy, that it doesn't seem feasible.
I've also started meeting with a group of awesome young women at Redeemer University on Tuesday nights and we call it "the Sanctuary". God has been so awesome in bringing awesome people into my life, who really love Jesus-and I'm loving it!
Also, we had a lot of birthdays at the beginning of the month, so I had people over at my house. We were celebrating:
Kyle J (1st)
Debbie (5th)
Charles (8th)
Niki (12th)
And yes, Charles came too...he's still friends with all the other guys, so I figured it's only fair to invite him too. Thankfully there were enough people that it wasn't awkward, but part of me was sad when he was the first one to go; this was also the first time we saw each other since we broke up. You'll notice in the birthday pictures that there's a white table-which I had been working on when we broke up, and so his dad finished painting it for me! He brought it over, which was good-because although I live on my own, I never seem to have enough table/counter space...

I think this is long enough for now.


  1. Yes, thanks Dave for getting our only daughter back home safely.
    What an adventure!
    Niki, I love the Happy Birthday cupcakes and sparklers, that looks really festive.
    Keep on enjoying live!

  2. Wow! What a post.
    All I can say is...HAHA! You're AMAZING.

    Well, actually, I can (and will) say alot more:
    The trip was a huge load of fun. I enjoyed watching you squirm as I apparently tried to get us killed - though I still think you're over-reacting, alot. I also enjoyed the play, dinner and nearly running out of gas in Scranton. I have to admit, the I-90, which has to be the longest feeling highway on record, for which you were asleep, wasn't so much fun...not at 2AM anyway.

    Also, the birthday cupcakes and sparklers were fun. It's good to see you able to see Charles, despite current events. I'm glad that you're being supported and loved by another wonderful crowd of people - who'da thought? Good stuff.

    And to Mr & Mrs D, you're welcome! (For a small fee, I could leave her in Scranton next time.)

    I expect applesauce!

  3. one more thing:
    I think I'm going to Las Vegas for my next excursion - anyone interested?