Thursday, September 06, 2007

pins and needles!

So...I'm in the process of cleaning my apartment and I came across my little pin 'wheel' that needed to be replaced. Definition of pin wheel: cheap plastic circular object with slots to slide pins into, but nothing on top to keep the pins from falling out. Up until now I've been using a worn piece of scotch tape to cover the top and keep the pins in place, only to find pins all over my tabletops and sometimes sticking up out of the floor; today I decided, that will come to an end-no more pricks in the bottom of my feet after avoiding the inevitable centipedes that come into my apartment, NO MORE!

Enter, Niki, the sewing (not-so-much) genius! Well, I have needles, a t-shirt that can be used for fabric and (yep, you guessed it)-paper towel! The three items needed to create a pin cushion. ... And a Niki. So I sat down at the kitchen table and set to work, sewing in and out, bringing the ends of a portion of my sleeve of my now old Sobeys uniform together to create a cushion. I figured it would be wasteful to put more fabric INTO the cushion (you know, to make it cushion-yer...), so I thought, 'hmm, paper towel is just as good'. So I rolled up four pieces of seemingly EXTRA large, EXTRA tough Bounty paper towels...very tightly. Great, I thought!

I finished my sewing, had the paper towel in place and all I had to do was push the pins in. Now, I don't know how familiar you are with EXTRA large, EXTRA tough Bounty paper towels-heck they're pretty tough anyways, but when they're bound tightly together and stuffed in a little cushion, it's rather hard to put needles through them. I got them in alright, and I suppose it's a good thing that I used a red t-shirt to hide the blood and super absorbent paper towels to sop it all up...just hope I don't ever need to get the needles out and back IN again!

Well, maybe it wasn't THAT difficult...but I don't think I'll be finding pins on my floor anymore, I've saved my feet! And here's a picture of me (the proud sewer-er) and my little pin cushion (I think it looks much more like a full sized body pillow).

You know, that was a rather long post to share my sewing adventures...hope you liked it! :)



  1. Okay, so at the time of my post (a whole 10 minutes ago) I hadn't ACTUALLY pricked myself...but I just did.


  2. :) :) Well done! Just loved this post. What about Sobeys? Finished your job there?

  3. ...NicNac... "this is your fatha"... I worry about you... I really do! ...last week you turned one of your fingers into a towering inferno, this week you are toying with dangerous projectiles. I really must speak with Charles... I must ask him to take better care of you. You are obviously a danger to yourself. PINS!!! Have you no sense of duty to your poor bedeviled father? I sit at home nightly worrying about you and now, NOW! you share with me your fascination with dangerous & deadly materials!!! I must insist that you stop this flippant bebaviour immmediately!!! Next you'll be eating GRAPEFRUIT for breakfast!!! Oh woe, WOE is me!!! Whatever have I done to deserve such folly from my offspring!!!

  4. Your dad is cccccrazy, as you can see from his e-mail as well, but he entertains us, so we'll keep him around. :)It's true, I actually willingly parted from a piece of furniture. You should see the china cabinet, it goes so well with the dining table and chairs and of course with the house. We picked an antique one, smaller than the newer ones, it's perfect for the house. Nana is one in a million!
    Watch those pins, they're sharp.

  5. Nice! You're still nowhere near all my sewing pokes, burns and miscellaneous injuries, but I'mm sure you're well on your way.

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  7. I agree with the pants guy...
    you are - I mean, you look crazy.
    Since I've been living with the wife, I have become very pin aware. I'd sooner just get a magnet rather than a pin cusion.

  8. When you say "Full sized body pillow" don't you actually mean "miniature"? Either that or the webcam on your Mac is really good at shrinking objects...or you have a tiny american using your pillow....a very tiny american. Watch he doesn't poke himself...he might kill you afterwards.