Tuesday, May 01, 2007

what a world...

In Iran:

"Currently some barber shops apply make-up and use (hair) styles that are in line with those in European countries and America," Eftekharifard said.

He added: "An official order has been sent to the union ... not to apply make-up on men's faces (or) do eyebrows ... and hence the barbers are not allowed to do these things."

It just made me shake my head. I mean, I understand that they have their standards and don't want to be influenced by other cultures...but I just find it fascinating that they don't have a problem coming into our country and trying to impose on us all their rules and legislations.

For the record, I don't think men should be putting on make-up or doing their eyebrows anywhere, not just in Iran.

Full article found: here


  1. personally i think our gov't should consider the same idea. Ban make-up on men! And high heels! On men!

  2. I agree with pants.
    Sure is a crazy world! In Abbotsford ( I think ) a son attacked his mother, beat and stabbed her, a neighbour hit him with a golf club, to stop him, because he wouldn't stop, even when the neighbour intervened. He's 18. At work, I talked to a mom. who's 7 year old daughter is suspended from school, for pulling a knife on another kid. Her 11 year old son is suspended too, I don't know for what.
    In China, a town has decided to let the women make the rules and the men have to obey, I guess it will work, because they don't have enough women and men are kidnapping women to get a wife. That might be a good way to get women to move there, let 'em rule. :) That's what happens with a one child only policy and everyone wanted a boy, now there aren't enough girls. In India you have to pay a man to marry your daughter, Africa you pay to get a wife. In India, wifes used to get burned alive with their dead husband, now they just burn them and say the stove blew up. And in Iran, a woman is her father's and later, her husband's property, to beat and even kill, if she doesn't obey, they have to cover themselves, that men aren't tempted. They blame women for their own lack of self control....I should just make this a post, I'm on a rant, sorry, got me going. Can we ban some of the men? We'll keep the nice ones.

  3. i'm a nice men! please don't ban me, i don't think i could go through that again......

  4. yeah, we definitely won't ban you, we like nice men and women, there are plenty of not so nice women too. Sometimes I wish, God had not made us with total free will, what do we need the ability to choose evil for? :(
    Blogs should give visitors a choice, if they want to do word verification or not, I apparently dislexic, can't even find that word in the dictionary!

  5. Ah, just used Google, it's with a 'y', dyslexic :)