Tuesday, May 15, 2007

prayer, please

I just found out today that one of my dear friends from camp has been diagnosed with leukemia. She's not even 20 yet and she's an amazing woman full of God's love. Her desire to see others experience God is inspiring. Her love for life is contagious. I don't know much about the details as to how far along it is or anything, I just know she started chemo at the beginning of this week. I can't believe that this is happening. Please, everyone, pray. Her faith is encouraging and I'm learning (like so often happens) to have deeper, stronger faith because of someone who is in a much harder place.


  1. I'll be happy when they find something other than chemotherapy to treat cancer - it's hard enough to watch someone go through it. We'll definitly be praying.

  2. Yes, I'm praying. Happy long weekend!