Tuesday, April 10, 2007

recovering. . . slowly

So I'm beginning to feel better, still have a bit of a sniffle though. Everyone is telling me to go to the doctor's, but I know my body and I'm on the up and up. Or something.

Yesterday I started a distance ed course through camp, it's only about 3 weeks long. This one is about Salvation and presenting the message. I'm looking forward to the discussions and gaining more confidence in sharing what I believe.

I filed all my taxes yesterday, but I think I forgot to sign a piece of paper and so I might get them sent back...silly me. There are waaaay too many forms, I can't keep them all straight. Jeesh.

Today is my first final, I now have one a day until next Wednesday. yipee. More for me than anyone else I'm going to post my exam schedule.

Tuesday April 10-Microtranscription, Grammar
Wednesday April 11-Access, Theory
Thursday April 12-Access, Hands-on
Friday April 13-Excel & PPT
Monday April 16-Professionalism
Tuesday April 17-Microtranscription, Hands-on
Wednesday April 18-Document Processing

Wow that just looks like not a whole lot of fun. Oh well, then it'll be sweet, sweet summer. YAY.

I'm going to call Staples tonight, I hope, to find out if they can ship me my NEW 17" iMac!! Very excited. If not, we'll be taking a road trip to Welland. I'm not even sure how far that is away, should probably figure that out, that, and how to get there.

At the end of April we have our Excalibur Leadership conference, looking forward to that. That reminds me, that same weekend is Rita's birthday party, which I need to RSVP to. And keeping along that choo-choo train of random thoughts, it reminds me that I need to talk to Rita about making invites for my dessert party...which (surprise!) reminds me that I need to actually set a date. I'd had one set, but now Hillsongs is coming to Toronto and I'd REALLY like to see them. Gah, so many things to plan/organize/decide on. eek.

I'm going to head to work pretty quick here, try to figure out my work schedule for the rest of the week, balancing work between exams. Not so fun.

Happy Tuesday. again. :-)



  1. welland = ~1 hour drive or so, not very difficult to get to, probably cheaper to drive there than to have it shipped (especially in josh's car ;))

  2. if it was purchased at staples they should ship it for free to the nearest staples to you (ie. the one across from limeridge or i think there's one at meadowlands no?).

    oh and orders over 50$ should be shipped to your door for free.

  3. Fun, sounds busy. Yeah, were busy too. We're still doing papers.
    Our exams end on the 25th.
    Ah well, more time to do papers anywho.

  4. glad to hear you're getting better. being sick should be outlawed...

  5. How's that computer working out for you? XO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!