Saturday, February 03, 2007

little deeper

So the scholarship was based on 'academic excellence' and 'financial need'. Both of which apply to me, somedays it's a good thing to be in financial need. I'm really looking forward to getting a cheque for $1000. To be honest, I'm also hoping that I might still get another scholarship, but if I don't I'm still very thankful. I'm working hard at getting a faculty recommended scholarship for excellence in first year studies.

Yesterday I was feeling really sick, it seems so long ago now. Time is just kind of crawling by right now, which is okay with me-it's an alone night for me, and I'm liking it. I'm feeling much better now! Unfortunately though I didn't work last night, which means a small paycheque from Sobeys.

Speaking of Sobeys, my boss was really impressed with me today. They (office staff) mark our 'rings per minute', which is how many items we scan in a minute. The average for our store usually hovers around 13, and I've sat at about 15/16 for some time...this last week my rings were 20.43! That's probably not interesting to anybody but me, and maybe those of you that have worked retail, but it was good for me. I'm also 300 hours away from my next pay raise! At the rate I'm working I should be there in about...another 30 weeks, if I'm lucky. *sigh*

I'm glad I'm working at the school, not only is it a great experience, it's nice to have steady hours for once. :)

Tomorrow I'll be going to Hagersville and meeting Chuck's parents. I'm nervous. I have some homework to do, so this is it for now.



  1. Again, congratulations, you've earned it! Don't overdo it at work! Cashiers are also known for getting carpal tunnel syndrome, and the employer is never too concerned about you, the "peon", bosses also like to push for more production, that's fine, if people are lazy, not to the point of people hurting themselves! That's how I got hurt, working too much, the bosses were happy...until I got hurt.
    Slow down! :) I love you!!

  2. ahh retail. I never want to work at that again, but I know I'll have to... maybe... maybe I can just get by without it.
    Yeah, I can kinda understand the excitement you can have in retail, that's how we keep ourselves sane. Otherwise, you could start singing to yourself... though I'm not sure how well that would work for a cashier position.
    Anywho, take care eh?

  3. So is Chuck this guy you've been talking so mysteriously (well, mysterious for you) about?