Sunday, January 07, 2007

back in the 'ton' of 'hamil'

I'm home! I'm sure my BC friends and family are cringing at the thought of me referring to Ontario as home...but that's what it is now. Haha, suckers (that is those of you that are stuck with me now). :P

Anyway, I got home late Wednesday/early Thursday morning-ish. My flight was supposed to get into Hamilton at 12:16 am, I think we got to the LeaKer's around 1:45am (delayed flight, slow baggage handlers, etc.). So I went to bed, had a short 'nap', woke up and went to school for an 8am class. I'm so grateful to the LeaKer's, they let me spend the night, fed me and drove me to school and picked me up afterwards!

I've asked God a lot this week, "why do I get so blessed?". In addition to picking me up late and feeding me and chauffering me around, Matt's parents have also lent me a computer to use since mine went bust and I'm in a program that relies very heavily on computer work. Then yesterday a couple friends came by and had bought me two cardboard boxes FULL of groceries, and I was planning on going grocery shopping later that day. I am SOOO blessed. I often think that there are other people who could use these blessings more than me, but I think having that awareness helps me to be more thankful and not take advantage. I sure hope it doesn't seem like I'm taking advantage of anyone. I'm sure there are some people out there who probably look at me and think "wow, look at everyone just throwing stuff at her", but in reality I am working hard, I guess just know a lot of generous people. And for that I thank God, so so so so so much!

In other news, I'm tired. I have a 9:30am class (that's right, I'm skipping Keyboarding on Mondays) and I want to get up early to do some things before I go to school. I've really enjoyed rereading some of my textbooks from Bible school. Right now I'm working through a book called Space for God by Don Postema. Really good read!

I'm also currently reading: Living Above the Level of Mediocrity, The Wedding, Mere Christianity, Boundaries, and Define the Relationship. I loooove reading. I tried to keep track of books that I've read this last year, here's my (incomplete) list-of what I remembered to write down:

  1. Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Albom)

  2. He Chose the Nails (Max Lucado)

  3. Come Thirsty (Max Lucado)

  4. It's Not About Me (Max Lucado)

  5. A Voice in the Wind (Francine Rivers)

  6. An Echo in the Darkness (Francine Rivers)

  7. Life @ Work (John C. Maxwell)

  8. Job's Wife: A Novel (Jean Shaw)

  9. What's So Amazing About Grace? (Phillip Yancey)

  10. Dateable (Justin Lookadoo & Hayley DiMarco)

  11. Bridget Jones' Diary (Helen Fielding)

  12. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (Helen Fielding)

  13. Smallville Series-10 books by various authors

  14. Nights in Rodanthe (Nicholas Sparks)

  15. At First Sight (Nicholas Sparks)

  16. Directed Verdict (Randy Singer)

Wow, considering I know there's a bunch not on there and besides that, that's a lot of books. Plus a bunch that I've started and haven't finished. And textbooks *ugh*. :P Man, reading is sooooo good. What books have you read lately?

Now I need to go to bed.

Love Niki


  1. Happy to hear you got home safe, and hit the ground running!
    I'd tell you not to work too hard, but you'd just ignore me =P

  2. I'm reading "sense and sensibility",by Jane Austen, I loved "Pride and prejudice" so much, I've read it a few times and bought the movie. I'm also reading "The Holiness of God", by R.C. Sproul, I read it once before and it really helped me understand what God's Holiness means. I'm also reading your book, that I'll send you later, "The original Jesus", by Tom Wright. Little bits of the "Bathroom Reader", "Reader's Digest".
    I also thank God, that you have such wonderful people around you. XOXOXO

  3. Reading textbooks eh? Wow, yeah, makes me think of all the books we haven't read for school but want to read later. It's great being an English major, 'cuz I get to read a lot and keep a lot of good books.