Friday, December 22, 2006

wrapping gifts

Last night I met the nieces and sister-in-law-to-be-I-hope...loooong story. Anyways, great people. The girls are adorable and in my mom's words they "took to Nicole like fish to water", even the younger one who's 'apparently' really shy. Fun times. We read a book about dinosaurs at least 1/2 dozen times with Summer pointing and saying "what's that, what's that, what's that" a number of times before I could even open my mouth to answer the first question that she had since forgotten.

Tomorrow I'm going for lunch with Lottie and her sons, CJ's at school all day so I'll have to see her at church on Sunday. I'm looking forward to catching up with her and in the evening I'm going to Sheena's for her annual Christmas party (which I have not once's about time I say). I'm also supposed to go to the mall to get something for myself as well as call Ruth and get together with her at some point. Better get up early.

I got my marks for my first semester!!! Can I brag, can I, can I? Well, I'm going to...

Communications for Business 86%
Human Relations 96%
Internet 95%
Computer Skill Building 100%
Professionalism 96%
Administrative Skills 95%
Document Processing 94%

That's an average of 95% (by my calculations), but the school says its 94%...I'm not about to complain. I just want to get a higher mark in Business English next semester, but I'll live with an 86% if I HAVE to...:P

Now before all of you start getting mad at me and thinking I'm incredibly smart, might I remind you that this program is the easiest thing I've ever done. It just answers my questions about whether I'm in the right field...I think I am. I'm excited to be so excited about something AND be doing so well at it.

In other completely off-topic and random news, I saw my aunt today. She's a newlywed and OH SO HAPPY. It's great to see her so full of joy.

Speaking of Joy...I'm supposed to get together with her too. I need to go check my e-mails, find my agenda and make arrangements to be meeting up with people.

Gotta run,

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  1. yay i'm so proud of you dear :) I got half of my marks, not quite as good as yours, but good enough for me :D Glad that you are getting to see everyone and having what sounds like tons of fun!