Thursday, December 07, 2006

thoughts of the day

I like mp3 players, its like having speakers in the sky.

I cannot believe its the end of the semester...where did it go??

No more English with the screaming banshee, yay! (or something to that effect)

So many head is swarming with figures.

So, I picked my timetable for next semester!! You remember how I said I was going to try and avoid 8am classes? Well...that didn't happen. I have 3 this next semester now, instead of the two I had this semester. BUT! (I have good reason). The first reason being that the timetable I wanted was blocked within 18 minutes of the opening time to choose. The second being that I have a lot of days where my class ends early, meaning I can work day shifts! Super excited. ;) (but I'll miss the evening crew of high schoolers). I can also still keep my peer tutoring job because of the breaks between classes, but thankfully there aren't too many. So, all in all-good times.
We got to pick our timetables between our two exams today and by the time I showed up for my second exam people were coming up to me and saying "hey, I heard you're in my block", word sure travels quickly! The only thing I'm disappointed about is the girl that was particularly mean to me this semester just happened to pick the same block as me *sigh*. Who knows, she doesn't like me, so maybe she'll try and switch out? There was another girl that picked my block who nobody really likes b/c of her horrible attitude, but she says she's not coming back next semester. Makes me wonder why she bothered to pick a timetable? Oh well, I'm not going to get worked up about things I can't change.
So...I bet you're all dying to know, my timetable for next semester is:

Mondays: 8:30-1 (but because the first class is Keyboarding, which is a self-pace course, I probably won't go to class until 9:30)
Tuesdays: 1230-6
Wednesdays: 8-11
Thursdays: 8-11
Fridays: 8-1230

The Tuesday until 6 is going to be brutal, but I'll just have to suck it up.

I'm getting excited! Exams are 1/3 over, I still have four left-but I'll be done by next Wed (less than a week!). Wow, this was all about school. So happy for the weekend!!



  1. so you have to get up entirely too early every day (except the noon class day). you are one crazy chica.

  2. So you won't have that horrible teacher next semester? That would be nice! If out of all the students only 1 or 2 aren't nice, that's a small percentage, but when someone is openly hostile to you and keeps making nasty remarks, that's harassment, I bet the college has a policy that won't allow that and you can put in a complaint, that she'll be talked to and will have to watch her steps. Break time soon!! See you soon!!!

  3. Maybe the Tuesday to 6 won't be so bad. You don't start until 12:30 so you'll be able to sleep in before.