Thursday, May 18, 2006

will be too busy to post (probably)

I'm just about to leave for work (it's 8:15 am) and I probably won't be back from work until about 1130 or midnight, depending on the buses...yay for taking a shift at BOTH jobs! I'm also working all day tomorrow, then it's straight to camp for the weekend. Looking SO forward to that. Sunday night (on the way home from camp) I'm going to a Newsboys concert and then I think I have all of Monday off. Finally. I'll post when I get back, pray for me because I'm feeling a little crummy, health wise. Have an awesome weekend everyone!
Love Niki


  1. you too!? Sucky. I come home for the weekend and everyone leaves town. :P

  2. I hope you feel better Niki!

  3. seriously, see if you can kidnap Newsboys and send them to my house. I'll be nice to them, I 'promise'....