Thursday, April 27, 2006

no more open house for me!!!

So if you were to come over right now you'd be interrupting a little song and dance thing I got going on, rejoicing in the news that Someone bought the house!!! which means 1) I get a new landlord, who isn't my boss!! (woot), 2) no more open houses and 3) things should be less stressful with my boss/landlord. should be.... So anyways, VERY excited! Apparently they were so adamant to keep me in the house that they made it one of the first points in the contract when signing with my current landlords. Isn't that awesome? SO EXCITED!! I haven't even met them yet, apparently they're a young married couple, who are expecting and will have a baby by the time they move in. I glanced on the contract and his name is Ryan, that's about all I know. I don't know why I'm so excited, especially since I've never met them, but I'm just really happy about it all.
I'm on to book two of the Mark of the Lion series. Already on chapter 6. :) I'm really into it, and would encourage anybody (well...female population anyway) to go read it.
Last night was fun at Laura's, we bought MIchelina's for dinner, but they weren't the convenient 'pop em in the microwave' ones. False advertising. Oh well, it was good. Then we mostly finished off the easter candy from last week. I brought the rest home...because we all know I need it. lol. Anyays, good food...good times. Watched Everwood, I'm slowly becoming addicted to TV. Bad Laura, bad! ;) just kidding, it's fun! My recipe book is getting very full rather quickly, and not just of recipes. Some pages only have one recipe, and so it's a lot of space for that one little recipe, but it's very original. And I like it. It's definitely not a typical scrapbook. Laura's is, though! And wow, it looks awesome!! I was very impressed with her 'chivalry' page, turned out awesome!! She's got a gift for this scrapbooking thing. We've both realized that the novelty (Laura, THAT'S the word!) of it is beginning to wear off. But hopefully, we can still encourage each other to carry on and finish our projects...because I sure don't want to give up after putting this much effort into it. :)
Also yesterday, before I went to Laura's and after I spent more money at the chiropractor (grrr), I went (courtesy of Dave, thanks man-sweet car!!) to the church office and helped Erin out. That was SOOO fun. I had a blast. We did nametags (about 350 of them...), and binded books and printed and boxed DVD's. She did most of the work, but I had a really good time working with her.
On my way home from Laura's, as I was walking to the bus I felt this weird feeling. I really feel like Hamilton needs God, like REALLY needs God. When I'm downtown I feel really helpless and out of place, but really wanting to do something about it. There seems to be this heaviness of lostlesness when I'm down there, just looking into people's eyes and hearing their conversation it's seems really hopeless. (Wow, that was a lot of 'less'es) I guess what I'm getting at is I feel a real urgency to pray for the city of Hamilton, and maybe get involved somehow, at a shelter or something (like I did with UGM in Mission and Vancouver). I don't know what, I don't know when or how, but I really feel like this is something that's important and is going to take a lot of God time to figure out. Wow that was kind of heavy, sorry about that-but please join me in praying for not just Hamilton-but wherever you're living-our world needs hope!!
And now tonight I'm going to go to bed early, I had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning and tomorrow is going to be a long day. I'm working 9-4 and then I'm volunteering at ELC until who knows when? There's a concert, so I'm assuming it's going to go late. I don't know yet how I'm getting there or what I'm doing or any of those details, but hey! it'll be fun. Have a great night everyone!!
Love Niki :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed my car - I think it enjoyed you too.
    You're getting a ride from Maeghan top the ELC
    You're registration on Friday and Saturday you're a room supervisor.
    I think that takes care of it. Glad you're you.

  2. yay thats so awesome for you!! they sound really nice :) Glad we had fun yesterday it was a nice break from my super busy week.

  3. Great to hear, new landlords, you get to stay, baby to babysit ;) , miss you! XOXOXO

  4. YEAH! No more open houses, Im so happy for you. TV dinners that do not get microwaved, not too convienent is that? Brock's going to miss Niki =0(. Have fun at ELC this weekend and I will come and visit on my way home from PTBO.
    Congrats on getting into school too =0)